Here you will find the most commonly used elements for our digital editions. Note that you can combine elements, as long as they do not overlap. They have to be nested like so:

<element a>
    <element b>
        <element c>etc</element c>
    </element b>
</element a>

Unless otherwise specified, all elements have to be used within the regular text (i.e. within the structural elements listed below).

1. XML file template

<?teipublisher template="Salomon2.html" odd="Salomon2.odd" view="page"?>
<TEI xmlns="">
            <title type="s">xxx</title>
            <msDesc type="primary">
                  <institution>Place, Library</institution>
                  <idno>, Shelfmark, f. xxx</idno>
                  <ref target="link">digital version</ref>
                  <p>s. xxx @ Place</p>
         <bibl type="xxx">
            <title>Firstname Lastname, 'Title', Journal xxx (Year)</title>, pp. xxx.</bibl>         
               <person xml:id="P01">
         <div type="original">
            <pb n="Place, Library, Shelfmark, f. xxx" f="x" xml:id="pb-orig-x" facs="link"/>

2. Structural elements

Page break (with facsimile)


To this element you can add the attribute facs to pair an image with the page you just created. Use the following template with some additional attributes to do this:

<pb n="Ms. title" f="x" xml:id="pb-orig-x" facs="link"/>
  • n is the name of the manuscript (f.e. n=“Paris, BNF, 1008, f. 123r”).
  • f is the folio numer (f.e. f=“123r”)
  • xml:id gives the image a unique identifier to refer back to (f.e. xml:id=“pb-orig-1”)
  • link corresponds with the hyperlinks you will find in the document ‘Image links’ on ILIAS (f.e. facs="").

Line break




3. References



Marginal note

<note place="margin">xxx</note>

Reference in text

Under /particDesc/listPerson/

<person xml:id="P01">
    <div>Additional information</div>

In text:

<rs ref="#P01">Term</rs>
<ref target="link">xxx</ref>

4. Highlight

Textual highlight (i.e. cursive)


Draw on facsimile

Determine your coordinates first with TEI Zoner.

<form facs="iiif:link[ulx,uly,lrx,lry]">xxx</form>

5. Scribal interventions









6. Difficult readings







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