Editing, presenting and hosting my own digital scholarly edition

This post is meant for everyone interested in working with digital editions and hopefully provides a place to start. I will explain how I got started during the pandemic and where I found the most useful information and tools to edit with. You will soon notice, however, that there is much more here than just some pointers on the XML format and TEI standard. For me, producing elaborate XML files was not enough as I wanted to show what I was doing to my colleagues but also my family and friends....

January 25, 2023 · 9 min · Bastiaan

Presenting 'The Salomon project'

When the pandemic hit, I was out of a job and trying to finish my PhD. After following the news frantically for a week or two (and getting nothing done), I figured that COVID-19 was not going away anytime soon and it might be a good idea to do something useful with my newfound free time. What you will see here is the product of the last two years, during which I tried to familiarise myself with editing medieval texts using XML and the TEI standards....

January 24, 2023 · 6 min · Bastiaan

Review: Julio Escalona Monge, Orri Vénsteinsson, Stuart Brookes (eds.), Polity and neighbourhood in early medieval Europe (2019)

A while ago, I’ve written a review on the collected volume Polity and neighbourhood in early medieval Europe edited by Julia Escalona Monge, Orri Vésteinsson and Stuart Brookes which has now been published in the Rottenburger Jahrbuch für Kirchengeschichte (2021). In the volume, comparative historical approaches are used to study the influence of external political power on everyday life and vice-versa. The review can be read in the RJKG and also here....

November 7, 2022 · 1 min · Bastiaan

A network of episcopal handbooks

Today I wrote a new blog post for the ‘Post-imperial priests’-project, where I delve deeper into a network of episcopal handbooks. After working on the manuscript Troyes, MJC, Ms. 1979 for a while, I noticed that there are various other manuscripts with comparable contents from the same period. In the coming months, I will examine this network further to hopefully know more about tenth-century bishops and their priests. The blog post can be seen as a first step in that direction....

July 15, 2022 · 1 min · Bastiaan

How diocesan synods helped priests to stay sharp

Building on my last post for the ‘Post-imperial priests’-project, I have written a new entry for the blog. This time I’m looking into the organization of local synods in the tenth and eleventh century and how priests were examined at these events. The manuscript I’m using is Troyes, MJC, Ms. 1979. Read the blog entry here.

November 1, 2021 · 1 min · Bastiaan