The first output of the project I am currently working on has finally been published in the journal Frühmittelalterliche Studien. Together with my colleagues, we wrote a series of articles on priests in the long tenth century, using different types of source material and methodologies to better understand their role in the organisation of pastoral care in the post-Carolingian period. We devote special attention to priests and kinship, tithing, ecclesiastical discipline, and changing normative frameworks surrounding priests.

For my article, I have studied the ingenious manuscript Troyes, MJC, Ms. 1979 that I consider to be a handbook for a bishop. With this particular manuscript, the bishop could administer ecclesiastical discipline via the Sendgericht. I discuss how the book was put together and what tools it offers its reader to admonish, teach, question, punish, and reconcile priests. In addition, I have added a description of a canon law collection also known as the Collectio 234 capitulorum, which has not been described before.

Read the article online or download a pdf.